Medical Camp for the Flood affected People of 2014





 Date:                                                                                                           4-10-2014

Venue:                                                                                                        Rehan Chaok

Basti                                                                                                            Raju Wala

Mouza                                                                                                          Lal Pur

Union Council                                                                                             Taliri (Muzaffargarh)

Number of Beneficiaries                                                                             300

Male Beneficiaries                                                                                        70

Female Beneficiaries                                                                                    230



                    First of all team of SANJH conducted meetings with the representative of  D.C.O, NGOs coordination officer and Social welfare officer for the selection of venue for free medical camp. They proposed different villages. After that SANJH team visited all proposed villages collected data of people inquired about total population of each village and problems and help provided in these villages. After survey of different villages it was decided to arrange camp in Basti Raju wala.

Basti Raju wala is 10 km away from the city of Muzaffargarh with the population of more than 700 people. Adjacent villages of Raju wala are Jam Wala, Panrin wala, qazi wala and sunaki. This village was 100 % damaged people lost their houses, households, crops and garden. There was no access of people for help due to unavailability of path that were affected by flood. Only one day before the camp way to this village was repaired.

Announcement was done in village for the free medical camp and all arrangements were made before the start of camp. Medicine was provided at camp and doctor’s team came at 9:30. There were two MBBS doctors, dispensers and one assistant along with one lady doctor.

Medical camp started at 10:00 am. There was a great rush of people including men, women, children and people of old age were also there. There was proper arrangement of chairs and tenting and water for the patients separately for male and female. Beds for drips were also managed.

There were patients of different ages and different diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, dysentery, sugar, blood pressure, diarrhea, dysentery, cough, sore throat, ear problem, eyes patient, skin problem, wounds and infection etc. people were checked by doctors and assistants gave them medicine of each disease.

Medical camp continued till 5:00 pm with only break of 30 minutes at 2:00 o clock for prayers and refreshment. Camp continued with good displine and cooperation of people. People got medicine and gave prayers for providing them medicine at their doorstep. In the end few serious patients were also checked at home because they were not able to come in camp.

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